Your unique Healthtype Test

I want to make it as easy as possible for people to succeed on their health journey. That’s why I’ve added a FREE Healthtype Test.

If you would like to jump online and do the free 3 minute ph360 Healthtype Test, you can find out exactly which body type you are and have the results and information sent right to your inbox!

You don’t need me for this one as there are no body measurements taken here, (we can get more specific later).  Here is the link;

Can’t wait to hear your results, I’m sure you will be blown away at your results!



Women’s Executive Health Program

I don’t think I’ve met someone who doesn’t want to tweak or change their body shape in some way.  In fact most of my clients fall into this category.

Let’s be clear, there is no ideal body shape, or one program fits all approach here. What works for one body type will not work for another and just like our finger prints we are all designed to look different.  Your program should reflect this.

Taking into account your unique genetic profile and contributing lifestyle factors, your program will be designed to align your health and optimise your training, nutrition, and natural talents to keep you on the right track and actually enjoying your transformation to peak condition.

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Personalised Programming

By now you would have figured out I am all about analysing and optimising your unique genetic profile to give you the best results possible.

Receive a revolutionary and comprehensive personalised health program that gives you information on what you need to do to optimise your health. The information it delivers gives you specifics of your best foods, exercise regime, sleep schedule, climate, and an in-depth understanding of your brain at work, socially and in general function. Rather than giving you a whole lot of information about your genes that doesn’t make sense, your program gives you the specific action to take, i.e. the timing and type of foods that will support your optimal energy, recovery and brain function, your best time to sleep and then wake up, and so much more. Your program lives in an easily accessible app – a Virtual Health Assistant that digs into your profile and prompts you throughout the day with health tips personalised to your genes, and your current health.

If you’re ready to remove all the guesswork and achieve optimal health, click HERE! Get the results you have never had and make it your lifestyle!

Coaching Packages

As with all things health and fitness related, results don’t come over night.  That’s why I have created a couple of packages for those who are looking for tracking and accountability to form healthy habits and sustainable results.

Choose from 4 packages designed to kickstart your journey. there is something for everyone no matter what stage you may be at;

  • Perform – 26-Week Coaching

For those looking for a permanent lifestyle change or athletic goal. This may be sustainable body recomposition, lifestyle related health challenges, or those with a sports performance based goal.

  • Optimise12-Week Coaching

The most popular program, it’s long enough to see notable changes in body composition, leading to sustainable changes in lifestyle related health problems.

  • Energise 8-Week Coaching

A kickstart program getting you into healthy habits and on the right path toward your longterm goals.

  • Personalise – Annual Membership (Single or 3 Pack available)

Includes your full initial health assessment and measurements, 1 year access to the online platform and app.  Includes all your personalised food lists, meal plans designed specifically for you, exercise guides, lifestyle tips, mindfulness tips, social and environmental optimisations for living in line with your unique Healthtype profile.  Something you can stick with and use as a guide for the rest of your life. (Don’t forget to check in with your Coach for updated and regular measurements along the way, your body will be changing after all!)



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