A Coach can be different things to different people, but basically, it means to support, teach or train people on a specific skill or subject. The beauty of that is, I may assist you as; a Motivator, an Accountability Partner, a Healthy Lifestyle Coach, Meal Planner, Personal Trainer, or a more performance-based Sports Nutrition & Supplements Specialist. I also provide a specialist network of Affiliate Practitioners available to consult for more complicated health issues, injuries or rehabilitation so we will always get to the root of the problem by peeling back all the layers and programming from the real foundation.  If you are ready for real change, you can book online HERE.

As I will be getting to know you throughout our journey together, I thought I would share a little more about myself…

I am a qualified Sports Nutrition Specialist and Personalised Health Coach working with clients on their body composition goals for the past 12 years. I help clients reach their full potential through personalised health, fitness, and nutrition programming.

Also certified in advanced Boxing, Pilates, Kettlebells, Strength & Conditioning, and being a trained Gymnast, I use a combination of these methods in my programming. I am a knowledge sponge, and continuously develop and update my training and physically challenge myself to remain an innovative and intuitive first class Coach. I enjoy training clients in an engaging and inspiring environment while being particularly results-focused and adamant about achieving life-changing physical and personal growth through nutrition, fitness, and healthy living both inside and outside the gym.  Starting out is easy, you can do that HERE!

I also work with a program called ph360.  ph360 is a revolutionary and comprehensive personalised health platform that gives you information on what you need to do to optimise your health. The information it delivers gives you specifics of your best foods, exercise regime, sleep schedule, climate, and an in-depth understanding of your brain at work, socially, and in general function. Rather than giving you a whole lot of information about your genes that doesn’t make sense, ph360 gives you the specific action to take, i.e. the timing and type of foods that will support your optimal energy, recovery, and brain function, your best time to sleep and then wake up, and so much more. ph360 interacts with an app called ‘Shae’ – a Virtual Health Assistant. Shae digs into your ph360 profile and prompts you throughout the day with health tips personalised to your genes, and your current health.  You can join our community HERE!

How does it work?
Your Health Test includes measures of your body, questions about your health history, genetic lineage, environment, and lifestyle. Over 10,000 data points are captured during this process, calculated using a combination of Western genetics and Traditional Chinese & Ayurvedic principles, and this data is then used to calculate your current state of health and corresponding health advice. In short, it measures your genes, how they are currently behaving, and guidance on what to do to put your genes in their optimal state.  Here’s a quick video in case you’d like to know more.

At our initial consult you can expect to have all your body measurements taken, weight and height measured, and to be taken through a health questionnaire which will all lead to instant results describing your personalised Healthtype. From here it is your choice which path to take in regards to ongoing Coaching programs with me, but you will have immediate access to the platform and an insight into your current health snapshot, even giving you changes you can take towards better health right now.

Easy! Exciting hey!

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